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The local historical association in Grödinge

The association was founded in 1943. One of the promotors was the famous agricultural chemist Olof Arrhenius, who then lived in Grödinge.
Today the association has more than 1000 members.


Map over Södertörn with Grödinge

Today Grödinge is a parish belonging to Botkyrka community. It is situated about 25 km south of the city of Stockholm on the island of Södertörn.


Grödinge was former an agricultural district. The major part of the area is still used for agriculture, but the main population now lives in the recently constucted residential areas of Vårsta and Bremora. Many also in the villa area Uttran which was formed near the railway 100 years ago. Most of the population in Grödinge earn their living in Stockholm and its surroundings.



Ancient history

Grödinge has many graves from the bronze age, about 2500 BC.

Runic stones.

Gröinge has about a dozen runic stones or fragments dated from the Viking Age, about the year 1000 AD.






The church.

The church has parts dating from about 1100 AD. It was rebuilt and enlarged in 1400 and 1700 AD.



The Grodinge tapestry (Gröingebonaden)

In the beginning of the 20th century an old wollen tapestry was found in the church. Now the original is kept in the historical museum in Stockholm and a copy has been placed in the church.
DOUBLE-CLOTH HANGINGS are known in Sweden from the 13th century onwards.These fabrics have two differently coloured layers, woven in tabby. The Grödinge wallhanging is late medieval; it is woven entirely of wool. The patterns consist of squares with a lion, a griffin and an eagle, all of them shown moving to the right. The border consists of dragons facing the same way as the order creatures, each with its tail round the neck of the dragon crawling after it. This is a skilful adaption of Persian - Byzantine animal figures to be seen in silk fabrics. The dragon border, however, represents an earlier Scandinavian tradition.

This wall-hanging probably dates from the 15th century. It measures 100 x 239 cm.



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